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Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen raw

  • Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen raw

With the Kaweco Sport something special was created in 1911. A pocket fountain pen which was only 10.5 cm tall when closed and could therefore be carried without any problems, but reached a normal size of 13 cm when the cap was put on. At that time it was advertised for ladies, men in evening dress and sportsmen.

One of the most famous users was Sepp Herberger. The then coach of the German national football team put his victorious tactics, which led to the world championship title in 1954, on paper with a Kaweco Sport.

The whole Kaweco AL Sport series is made of robust aluminium. The parts are milled out of a solid block. The coating provides a pleasant feel and protects the writing instruments from scratches. Caution: The RAW model has no coating, this writing instrument should not scratch.

There are numerous colour variations to choose from and the writing systems fountain pen, rollerball, mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen.


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