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Caran d´Ache Léman Grand Bleu Füllfederhalter

  • Caran d´Ache Léman Grand Bleu Füllfederhalter
The fountain pens of the Léman series are cartridge fountain pens. A converter is included. Caran cartridges d´Ache are compatible with Pelikan cartridges.

The nib is made of 18-K/750 gold and finished with a rhodium plating. The cap has a screw mechanism.

With the Leman Grand Bleu, Caran d´Ache has succeeded in developing a fascinating surface that is unique due to its light reflections.

Caran d´Ache puts it this way: "The waves bathed in light and animated by the wind are reflected in the new creation Léman Grand Bleu. The finely engraved decor is reminiscent of the regular waves on the surface of the water. A transparent lacquer immerses you in the intense blue of the sea bed and creates wave-like reflections on the perfected shaft of the Léman Grand Bleu writing instruments.

With the fountain pens of the Léman series, Caran d´Ache offers extremely high-quality, perfectly manufactured writing instruments. The completely rhodium-plated 18-K gold nibs glide smoothly over the paper and are rounded so that writing from (almost) any position works perfectly.

The life-long guarantee on the high-quality writing instruments at Caran d´Ache is particularly worthy of mention. A clear sign of the high product quality of these Swiss products.

Thanks to its high weight and curved shape, the fountain pen fits perfectly in the hand for people with medium hand sizes.


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