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Pelikan Souverän K805 Stresemann Kugelschreiber

  • Pelikan Souverän K805 Stresemann Kugelschreiber
Twist ballpoint pen with a body made of diamond finished precious resin. Suitable for medium to large hand sizes. The ideal grip position is at the beginning of the conical area. Weight class Medium (28.5 g). The ballpoint pen's centre of gravity is in the rear area, so that it should rest between the thumb and index finger.

Very durable and stable turning mechanism. Three years warranty from the manufacturer. The large capacity refills are interchangeable and compatible with Parker refills.

After many years Pelikan now fulfills with the Souverän 805 Stresemann writing instruments the eager wish of a large number of Pelikan lovers.

The Stresemann has the desired black/anthracite shaft. With its discreet colour scheme and palladium-coated rings and clip, it combines the classic look of the striped Souverän series with a reduced colour scheme. In short, the Pelikan K 805 Stresemann is a timeless, simple ballpoint pen with excellent technology and very pleasant proportions.

The K 800 is the top model of the Souverän ballpoint pen. People with large hands will be delighted by its pleasant diameter, length and centre of gravity at the back. The result is a ballpoint pen that lies perfectly in large hands.

It fits perfectly to the other writing instruments of the Souverän 800 and 1000 series.

The Pelikan Souverän 805 Stresemann collection consists of the piston fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball.

The pens are available!

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