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Tübinger Adventskalender groß

  • Tübinger Adventskalender groß
The large Advent calendar is divided into three parts and can therefore be set up in a stable manner. The picture does not show the removable front, which shows various scenes on the frozen Neckar river. The large Advent calendar has the format: approx. 21 cm to 69 cm (height x width).

Advent, Advent: When the Neckar Front opens its windows

It happened at the time when there were still real white winter days in Tübingen and the Neckar river froze from time to time. The Tübingen artist Elisabeth Lörcher captivated the snow-covered old town scenery with a good eye and coloured pencils as a cosy Advent calendar on cardboard. In 1947 he appeared for the first time.

Out of love for this romantic Christmas calendar and also for all home sick Tübinger in the distance, the company Fritz Schimpf publishes these Advent calendars again and again.

To make the windows glow, the Advent calendar can either be attached flat to the window or placed in front of a light source.

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