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Montblanc Heritage Collection Egyptomania Special Edition Resin ballpoint pen

  • Montblanc Heritage Collection Egyptomania Special Edition Resin ballpoint pen

For each Heritage Edition, Montblanc has chosen one of its creations from past editions. days and adapts them to the needs of the market through new features and technical innovations. requirements, which the modern lovers of sophisticated writing culture have to meet in their Place writing instruments.

One of these writing instruments is the so-called "Egyptian fountain pen". of Montblanc from the 1920s. In that decade, when the archaeological When excavations and discoveries reached their peak, the tomb of the Tutankhamun. The riches found there ignited a worldwide Enthusiasm for ancient Egypt. It was the beginning of a true Egyptomania that not only in Europe, but also beyond, the world of art and creative creative power in a hitherto unknown way. And also Montblanc could not escape the fascination for the Egyptian age of the pharaohs, as the then introduced fountain pen with the octagonal shape and the engravings in Egyptian style.

The cap of the new version is decorated with a series of authentic hieroglyphics, which the word "Mont Blanc". The characters that were compiled are to mean "mountain of the white stone" and thus a paraphrase of "Montblanc". in collaboration with an Egyptologist.
>br> The Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania Resin Edition ballpoint pens have a barrel made of black precious resin in octagonal form, authentic hieroglyphics and gold-plated Fittings in vintage look.

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