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Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Füllfederhalter

  • Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Füllfederhalter
The nib is a 14-K/585 gold nib.

Particularly noteworthy is the pleasantly high weight of 48.5 g with cap or 37 g without cap. It is therefore considerably heavier than a Montblanc LeGrand piston fountain pen, for example. With this he divides the diameter as well as the length without cap with extended spring.

Montblanc's Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pens are a rare combination of timeless design and fascinating technology.

The body of the fountain pen is made of black precious resin. This is only broken through by the double ring and clip and contrasted by the mother-of-pearl-coloured shimmering Montblanc emblem on the cap head. The optical impression is of timeless simplicity. In combination with the conical shape the fountain pen looks very elegant.

After unscrewing the cap, the platinum-plated nib can be extended from the shaft by turning it and the fountain pen is ready to write. Refuelling works in the same way as setting a mechanical watch, i.e. by lifting the turntable. Filling can now be carried out as with any piston filler. This new two-stage screw mechanism is unique.

We offer this wonderful fountain pen in all available nib sizes. Since only F and M springs are available as standard, we are happy to offer our customers the opportunity to exchange springs. This usually takes 14 days, so that the delivery time is extended accordingly.

Important information: unfortunately Montblanc is taking this fountain pen with its incredibly soft nib out of its range (as of 04 September 2018).

Currently (06.02.2019) we have the spring widths F (Fine), M (Medium), OM (Oblique Medium), B (Wide), BB (Double Wide) and OBB (Oblique Double Wide) in stock and can deliver immediately.


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