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Lamy accent brillant LD Füllhalter 098

  • Lamy accent brillant LD Füllhalter 098
The simple, classic design of the accent LD fountain pen is achieved by the high-gloss, black surface with lacquer finish and platinum-plated decorative rings as well as the solid, spring-loaded, high-gloss polished stainless steel clip. The linear shape with the curved handle contributes its part to this.

The Lamy accent LD fountain pen can also be used comfortably by people with large hands when the cap is attached at the back. Otherwise it's too short for big hands.

The Lamy accent LD fountain pen not only impresses with its simple appearance, but also with its wide shaft diameter.

The design of the shaft with a wide interchangeable handle is ideal for medium to large hand sizes or for people who prefer wider writing instruments.

Together with its round ground and soft-writing 14-K/585 gold nib, this is a highly interesting entry into the class of fountain pens with a gold nib.


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