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Faber-Castell Ambition Birnbaum Drehkugelschreiber

  • Faber-Castell Ambition Birnbaum Drehkugelschreiber
The twist ballpoint pens are filled with Parker standard large-capacity refills so that, in addition to the excellent refills from Faber-Castell, refills from a variety of manufacturers can also be used.

The Ambition writing instruments from Faber-Castell impress with their strongly reduced, clear design and high-quality materials. In addition, the processing and functionality of the writing instruments is excellent.

The shaft is made of pear wood. This is contrasted by the high-gloss chrome cap, end and front pieces made of metal. The spring-loaded clip, which is designed for continuous loading, is particularly noteworthy here as well.

Due to the dimensions of the twist ballpoint pen and its weight distribution, it is recommended for people with medium and large hand sizes. However, it is important to note the rear center of gravity, which can quickly lead to hand fatigue if the pen is held very vertically.

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